Unipreneur is a vehicle for Africa Economic Transformation with;
  • 54 African countries merging into a single market of 1.3 billion people.
  • Economic bloc with a combined GDP of $3.4 trillion
  • Expected to be $6.7 trillion by 2030.
Take a quick dive into Africa Investment Opportunities below.

A Quick Tour of Africa Investment Opportunities.

  • Africa has 60% arable land;
  • Africa has 90% of raw material reserve;
  • Africa has 40% of global gold reserve;
  • Africa, 33% of the Diamond reserve;
  • Afrika has 80% of global Coltan (Phones-and-electronic-making mineral) reserve, mainly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Afrika has 60% of the global Cobalt ( car-batteries-making mineral) reserve
  • Afrika is rich in oil and natural gases.
  • Afrika (Namibia) has the most fish-rich coastlines in the world.
  • Africa is rich in manganese, iron, and wood.
  • Africa is three times the area of ​​China, three times the area of ​​Europe, three times the area of ​​the United States of America.
  • Africa is thirty and a half million km² (30 415 875 km ²);
  • Africa has 1.3 billion inhabitants (China has 1.4 billion inhabitants out of 9.6 million km ²). Which means Afrika is UNDERPOPULATED. Afrika is soo underpopulated that it has the capacity to accommodate all black people in the world.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo's arable land is capable of feeding the whole of Afrika. And the entire Afrikan arable land is cable of feeding the whole world.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo has major rivers that has a potential of lighting up Afrika. The problem is, the CIA, Western Companies and few Afrikan puppets have been destabilizing DRC for decade.
  • Africa is a culturally diverse continent in terms of dancing, music, architecture, sculpture.
  • Africa accommodates 30,000 medicinal recipes and herbes that the west modifies in their labs.
  • Afrika has the youthful global population which is expected to be 2.5 billions by year 2050.