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This book is encyclopedia of Africa profitable business ideas for entrepreneurs

"This book is  encyclopedia of great & profitable business ideas that will eradicate poverty in Africa"

Powerful & timely anti-virus against poverty pandemic

"Wow! Bunmi, I’m happy and privileged to be one of the few people that previewed this book…May I shock you? You did not write a book, rather you put together a powerful & timely anti-virus against the poverty pandemic ravaging Africa continent. It is a masterpiece! Congratulations."

The best University to start your entreprenuership journey

"From Page 6 to 27, I have gotten two brilliant business ideas to start immediately with little capital.This author is super blessed honestly"

I recommend this book for all Africa job seekers

"This is my second time of reading this book ,I wish i can purchase copies of this book for all Africa job seekers. You can't read this book and still be looking for 8 to 5pm job. Very deep"

Its Simple to comprehend

"The simplicity of this book is very wonderful for me. I assimilate all the steps and business ideas, informations at the first reading. I have started my business now.Thank you author."

This book showed me the way forward

"I kept my saving for 1 year to start a business,but my head is hot I dont know what and where until I got a copy of I SEE MONEY IN AFRICA. Thank God I have established 2 simple projects through the ideas I got from this book.I am happy now."

The author deserves a noble award.

"This book will liberate Africa from poverty.....I don't know how to explain the contents,ideas,and the knowledge stated in this powerful book.The author deserves a noble award.  Gabriel Gabola."